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Spotify Island on Roblox launches a new virtual destination for hip-hop listeners  

By Editor - Wed Sep 21, 8:53 am

It’s been four months since Spotify’s debuted its virtual Spotify Island on Roblox, which made it the first music streaming service to have an official presence within the gaming platform. Today, Spotify launched a new space-themed digital destination on Roblox called Planet Hip-Hop , which will soon feature up-and-coming female rapper Doechii . Spotify Island’s new Planet Hip-Hop is live now in Roblox , and the virtual experience aims to give a younger generation of hip-hop fans new ways to connect with their favorite music artists. When Roblox players explore Planet Hip-Hop, they can collect exclusive virtual merch, customize vehicles in the “Speed Shop,” dance on a floating dance floor, create hip-hop beats powered by Soundtrap, and more. The new futuristic-looking destination features a lit-up cityscape sitting on an upside-down silver pyramid, surrounded by red planet rings that resemble a record as well as floating meteors and other planetary matter. Image Credits: Spotify “We wanted to create a space inspired by the newest era of hip hop, exploring how the current generation of artists and fans are redefining what the genre looks like and sounds like,” Steven Conaway, Senior Art Director at Spotify, said to press during a demo. The look of Spotify’s new destination is inspired by the younger generation of hip-hop artists, many of which are known to have an “internet tech sound,” Conway added.

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Spotify Island on Roblox launches a new virtual destination for hip-hop listeners

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