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Spotify wants users to pay for separate ‘Play’ and ‘Shuffle’ buttons  

By Editor - Mon Aug 01, 11:21 am

Spotify is updating its app to address a long-standing user complaint with music playback — but it’s asking customers to pay for the fix. The company announced today it will introduce, at last, a separate Play Button and a Shuffle Button at the top of albums playlists to make it easier to play the music the way you like. This will replace the combined button available before , which had been inconsistent across platforms and frustrating to use. However, streamers may be disappointed to find out that what should be an app update in favor of better usability is oddly being sold to them as a reason to upgrade to Spotify’s paid tier — the company says the new button is only being offered to Spotify Premium subscribers. This seems a bizarre choice given that customer complaints had correctly identified an issue with the overall design of the Spotify app’s interface and its user experience. As one review posted last year to Spotify’s Community forums  had noted, the button offered was even different across Spotify’s apps

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Spotify wants users to pay for separate ‘Play’ and ‘Shuffle’ buttons

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