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The 5 biggest takeaways from Tesla’s Cyber Roundup  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 5:23 pm

Tesla held its annual shareholder meeting, which the company now refers to as its Cyber Roundup, Thursday at the Tesla Gigafactory Texas. The Cyber Roundup comes just a couple of weeks after  Tesla reported its Q2 earnings , which showed quarterly revenue declines caused by production challenges, even as the company grew year-over-year. The agenda had  13 shareholder proposals , including one for a three-for-one stock split that appears to have helped push Tesla’s shares up 0.40%. There were also several proposals geared toward getting Tesla to be more ethically responsible, particularly after a series of lawsuits  that have accused the company of sexual, racial and gender harassment in the workplace. Here are the five key takeaways from the event. Share split approved Tesla shareholders approved the three-for-one stock split, which will bring the company’s shares down to the $300 range. It’s not clear when that will take effect, though. Tesla, ever savvy in how it uses Twitter to affect its stock price, initially tweeted out the news of the shareholder proposal on March 28.

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The 5 biggest takeaways from Tesla’s Cyber Roundup

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