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The Eagles’ once-unthinkable trade of Carson Wentz is a self-made disaster  

By Editor - Thu Feb 18, 5:55 pm

Carson Wentz is headed to the Colts after Philadelphia opted to cut bait on their $128m franchise quarterback, a decision which went from unthinkable to inevitable in six dizzying months The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third-round draft pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-rounder. Photograph: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images For all that was made of their snakebitten history in the run-up to their first Super Bowl championship, the Philadelphia Eagles have been among the NFL’s steadiest ships in the 27 years since film producer Jeffrey Lurie bought the team for a then-record $185m. At the time, the Eagles had won their division on only nine occasions in 61 years. Under Lurie’s ownership, they have reached the playoffs more often than any NFC team besides the Packers, the club which Lurie made the organizational paradigm when he handpicked a little-known Green Bay assistant coach named Andy Reid to lead them into the 21st century. Even if they only have one Lombardi trophy to show for it, the Eagles under Lurie transformed themselves into one of those select clubs that’s managed to mitigate if not defy the NFL’s built-in gravity and are never down for long. That even keel has been down to Lurie’s ability to balance patience, measure and dispassion with satisfying a city where sports mean a little too much and every decision is debated and scrutinized year-round by a ravenous media and not one but two 24-hour sports talk radio stations. The Eagles have been a lot of things under their present ownership, but they’ve never been rash and they’ve never been rudderless. No longer.

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The Eagles’ once-unthinkable trade of Carson Wentz is a self-made disaster

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