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Tile rolls out ‘Lost and Found’ QR code stickers to complement its hardware lineup  

By Editor - Mon Sep 19, 11:51 am

After getting Sherlocked by Apple’s AirTag and exiting to Life360 late last year, lost item tracker Tile is launching a new product — and it’s not a hardware device. Today, the company introduced new “Lost and Found” labels, which are simply QR code stickers that you can place on anything that might go missing. By scanning the QR code, someone who finds the missing item can view the owner’s contact information and arrange for the item’s return. The company says this solution is designed for those items where using a Bluetooth tracker is not the right option, but it also serves as a means of introducing new users to Tile as the stickers are marked with the company logo. Tile has historically offered a variety of Bluetooth trackers in different shapes and sizes, including the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker. This lineup offers more ways to track items than Apple’s AirTag does, as some of its trackers are made to fit into wallets alongside your credit cards while others be adhered to something like a bike — perhaps in a discreet location, like under the bike seat. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to use AirTag for these same needs. But even with this varied collection of devices, there are a number of objects that still couldn’t be easily tracked using a Bluetooth dongle.

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Tile rolls out ‘Lost and Found’ QR code stickers to complement its hardware lineup

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