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Top Analysts Pound the Table on These 3 Stocks  

By Editor - Fri Oct 16, 7:19 pm

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic pushed us into an economic recession in the first half of this year, but in odd ways, the downturn was artificial. The economy had been booming prior to the health crisis, and many of the factors that caused the boom are still in play – a general tax cut, and the deregulation policy of the Trump Administration.But a decent governmental attitude toward business is not the only factor giving a lift to the economy. A combination of a generous stimulus package and extended benefits put in place earlier this year, along with pent-up demand from the long lock-down periods and a strong desire in many parts of the country to just get back to work, have given life to hopes of a V-shaped recovery. A feeling of optimism, even in a tough time, and a perception that there are opportunities available, has Wall Street’s analysts tagging stocks for success. We’ve pulled up the TipRanks data on three stocks that high-rated analysts have tagged as potentially strong investments. Between Wall Street’s professionals, and the latest data, here’s what makes them compelling buys.Calix, Inc. (CALX)We’ll start in the tech sector, with Calix, a cloud computing company offering business software platforms designed to allow customers to monetize the interactions between infrastructure and service subscribers.

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Top Analysts Pound the Table on These 3 Stocks

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