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Travel Nurses See Swift Change of Fortunes as Covid Money Runs Dry  

By Editor - Tue May 10, 3:11 am

Tiffanie Jones was a few tanks of gas into her drive from Tampa, Florida, to Cheyenne, Wyoming, when she found out her travel nurse contract had been canceled. Jones, who has been a nurse for 17 years, caught up with a Facebook group for travel nurses and saw she wasn’t alone. Nurses had reported abruptly losing jobs and seeing their rates slashed as much as 50% midcontract. “One lady packed up her whole family and was canceled during orientation,” she said. Many career nurses like Jones turned to travel gigs during the pandemic, when hospitals crowded with covid-19 patients urgently needed the help. Some travelers — who made double, sometimes triple, what staff registered nurses earned — gathered on TikTok and other social media platforms to celebrate payday , share tips on how to calculate net income from contracts , and boast about how much they were taking home weekly . So great was their good fortune that federal and state lawmakers considered capping their pay , mobilizing nurses in protest.

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Travel Nurses See Swift Change of Fortunes as Covid Money Runs Dry

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