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UiPath acquires London-based NLP startup Reinfer  

By Editor - Mon Aug 01, 7:08 am

Robotic process automation (RPA) company UiPath has acquired Reinfer , a London-based startup that’s developing natural language processing (NLP) tools for enterprises. Terms of the deal were not disclosed . Founded out of Romania initially as Deskover in 2005, UiPath is one of the preeminent RPA platforms, helping to automate repetitive software-based tasks at companies including Google, NASA, and DHL. After rebranding in 2015, UiPath moved its headquarters to New York City two years later. The company had raised around $2 billion and attained a valuation of $35 billion ahead of its arrival on the public markets in April, 2021, though its valuation has plummeted in the intervening months .

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UiPath acquires London-based NLP startup Reinfer

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