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Voice AIs are raising competition concerns, EU finds  

By Editor - Wed Jun 09, 6:53 am

The European Union has been digging into the competition implications of AI-powered voice assistants and other Internet of Things (IoT) connected technologies for almost a year . Today it’s put out a first report discussing potential concerns that EU lawmakers say will help inform their wider digital policymaking in the coming years. A major piece of EU legislation introduced at the back of last year is already set to apply ex ante regulations to so-called ‘gatekeeper’ platforms operating in the region, with a list of business practice ‘dos and don’ts’ for powerful, intermediating platforms being baked into the forthcoming pan-EU Digital Services Act. But if course applications of technology don’t stand still. The bloc’s competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, has also had her eye on voice assistant AI technologies for a while — raising concerns about the challenges being posed for user choice as far back as 2019 , when she said her department was “trying to figure out how access to data will change the marketplace”. The Commission took a concrete step last July when it announced a sectoral inquiry to examine IoT competition concerns in detail.


Voice AIs are raising competition concerns, EU finds

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