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VW will roll out a cheaper 2023 ID. 4 EV this fall  

By Editor - Thu Aug 04, 10:00 am

Volkswagen will offer a cheaper version of its ID.4 all-electric compact SUV that comes equipped with a smaller battery pack, a move aimed at attracting customers as inflationary pressures push vehicle prices higher. Volkswagen of America said Thursday it will sell three trims of the 2023 ID.4, including a base model with a smaller 62 kWh battery that starts at $37,495 before federal tax credits (and not including the $1,295 destination fee). The base model, called standard trim, is about 6% lower than the equivalent trim level of the debut 2021 ID.4 model. The 2023 ID.4 is now being assembled at the automaker’s Chattanooga, Tennessee factory, which has helped the automaker push down prices even as it improves some of the interior and exterior features.

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VW will roll out a cheaper 2023 ID. 4 EV this fall

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